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Tahitian Beer Hinano


Hinano beer

The most popular alcohol in Polynesia !

Hinano is a beer brand produced in Tahiti by the Tahiti brewery. It is by far the most popular brand in French Polynesia .
Hinano beer is a luxury blond beer, golden color and a thin layer of white foam .
Basic fermentation, it is drawn to 5% alcohol.
It reveals a strong bitterness pronounced at the end of the mouth.

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Made in Tahiti in the Punaruu valley, on the most modern production site of the South Pacific islands, Hinano beer is the most famous alcohol in Tahiti and the pride of the Polynesians!

Hinano beer is a luxury, bottom-fermented, golden-coloured, 5% alcohol, with a pronounced bitterness.
It has been awarded international prizes (Gold Medals Luxembourg & Brussels).