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6 beers from Tahiti (6x33cL)


Discovery pack of six beers from Tahiti,

The beers of French Polynesia!

Discover our selection in a pack of six beers, for a varied and friendly taste experience, including:

-A special Gold Hinano beer on the occasion of the 100th anniversary.

-A Hinano White beer with citrus and coriander notes.

-A Hinano Amber beer with a refined and full-bodied character.

-A Tabu beer flavored with Tequila.

-A Hinano, the original beer of Tahiti.

-And the surprising and fine Manuia Original.

Sample this local selection, ranging from a light lager to a Tequila flavored beer.

Each batch is carefully prepared, fermented and bottled, preserving the authenticity and quality of each beer.

6 beers Hinano (6x33cL)


Pack of Hinano Beers,

"The beer with the flavours of Tahiti"

The most popular beer in French Polynesia!

Our pack includes six beers Hinano luxury, brewed and made in Tahiti. Each bottle contains a natural and pronounced bitterness, blended with ingredients of quality exemplary.

Hinano beer has been made in Tahiti in the Punaruu Valley, at the most modern production site in the South Pacific islands since 1955. This beer holds a special place in the hearts of Polynesians.

This beer has been awarded with international awards (Gold Medal in Luxembourg in 1990 and Gold Medal in Brussels in 1993)

Basic fermentation, 5% alcohol in 33cL bottles.