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100% natural cocoa butter

€16.58 -30% €11.61

With 53% fat, Cocoa Butter has many moisturizing properties.
It helps to create a protective film and restores elasticity and tone to the skin.
In addition to its moisturizing action, Cocoa is firming, its fats restructure the epidermis and its antioxidant action makes it an perfect anti-aging product.
Ideal hair care, it will bring shine, softness and protection (sheathing of the hair fiber) of curly, dry, or damaged hair.

Antibacterial Solutions

From €3.47

This antibacterial solution can be used everywhere and in an instant to clean and disinfect surfaces and your hands.

It eliminates germs and bacteria.

*Warning, this solution does not replace hand washing and is used as a complement.

Cocoa Monoï Butter


Monoï Cocoa Butter has a moisturizing, firming, repairing and protective power.
Easy to use, it allows to perform excellent massages.
With a melting point close to skin temperature (34-36 ° C), it penetrates quickly and easily.

Excellent for daily use for nutrition, repair and firming of the skin, all over the body.
Avoid the face, especially combination to oily skin.
Recommend for the treatment of curly, dry or damaged hair lengths.

Coconut Milk Oil


A Tahiti, the Coconut is an integral part of Polynesian culture.
Traditional healers have traditionally practiced massages with coconut milk oil to moisturize, protect and repair the body.

The Virgin Coconut Oil is a vegetable oil obtained by cold pressing and extracted from fresh coconut milk: The virtues lent to this oil are numerous ... Indeed, it relieves the skins with cutaneous affectation and the protection of the external aggressions: Its incredible power of hydration is the best asset of the dry, rough and fragile peaches.
In addition, coconut oil is an excellent ally to fight stretch marks during pregnancy and to repair postpartum pelts.

Discovery Pack Nao-Nao Xtreme


Take advantage of our Nao-Nao Xtreme discovery offer. This lot is composed of :

- A Nao-Nao mosquito screen spray with Tiare water,

- And a dry anti-mosquito oil with tamanu and Tahiti A.O. monoï.

For maximum protection for adults and children.

Dry Oil Spray Nao-Nao Xtreme


Combining Tamanu oil and Monoï de Tahiti A.O. with an active anti-mosquito molecule.
called Icaridine, the dry mosquito repellent oil has been specially
designed for temperate and tropical zones. This care with a dry and pleasant touch
is ideal for protecting the whole family immediately and up to 5 hours after

Frangipani fragrance diffusers

From €16.42

Enhance your interior and discover the atmosphere Made in FENUA...

Discover our new Frangipanier scent diffusers Made in Tahiti by Comptoir des Monoï.

Available in several sizes (125 ml & 200 ml), these diffusers combine decoration and disperse a delicate smell throughout the day.

The smell of frangipani will transport you on an olfactory journey to the Polynesian islands....