Retrouvez tous nos coffrets réalisés par nos soins sur différents thèmes et occasions.  N’hésitez pas à les offrir car ces coffrets sont soigneusement conçus pour cela.

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Vahine beauty box


1,2,3 Shine !

Discover our "Vahine beauty" box! Enjoy the different textures and scents of our milk and scented oils ...

A perfect selection of Tahitian products based on Monoï de Tahiti for the body and hair : Before, during and after exposure to the sun for soft skin, nourished, golden and sublimated hair to be able to shine throughout the year!

Sun beauty box - Te Mahana Box


Focus on our Te Mahana Box !

A perfect selection of body & hair care products : before, during and after sun exposure.
Appreciate the different textures and fragrances of our milks and scented oils ...
For a soft, nourished, golden and sublimated skin and healthy hair !

Maori Box - For Men


Happy father's day Dad !

Discover our Maori Box special box Father's Day, guaranteed escape ...

A sober and perfumed care box, an invitation in a polynesien travel, for men.
Enriched with Monoi of Tahiti, these products will give you a moment of pure pleasure and escape in the sun and in the shower.
For relaxing after a beautifull day, two Hinano beers to savouring alone or sharing with friends.

And to unwind after a nice day, two Hinano beers to enjoy alone or to share.

Sublime Set



Discover our new sublime set, a complete care set that will bring you hydratation and comfort all year round !

This new set is composed of : A 200 ml tiaré monoï sublime, a sublime milk, a dry oil and a sublime soap with monoi.