Black Mask by Spa & Institut

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Remineralizing, regenerating and revitalizing, the Black Mask with Monoi de Tahiti is a beauty must for the treatment of your skin every day

Focus on the Black Face Mask with Monoi de Tahiti by Spa & Institut

A real cosmetic treasure!

A little reminder about the usefulness of a face mask

A mask for the face, ideally preceded by a mechanical or chemical scrub meets all the needs of our skin. Through an occlusive effect and a pause ranging from 15min to a whole night, the active principles of cosmetics penetrate deeply into the different layers of our skin, bringing immediate benefits by soothing, caring, treating and repairing it.

The Black Mask, key ingredients ...

Black Pearl powder

Its use is ancestral. It goes back more than 2000 years, in China, the empresses of the Ching dynasty used it for its cosmetic and therapeutic properties. More and more used today in the West in the cosmetic formulation, it gives it regenerating, remineralizing, lightening and revitalizing properties. The black pearl is therefore a true ally for the youth and health of your skin! Indeed, very rich in calcium, oligoelements, amino acids and proteins, the black pearl powder stimulates the cellular metabolism, and cleanses the skin of its asperities and its toxins in depth. As a result, it smooths wrinkles, refines skin texture and contributes to the reduction of age spots. The skin regains all its brilliance and tone !

Volcanic sand

Erosion, rains and wind erode the surface of volcanic islands made of black basalt, whose particles settle on the edges of the island of Tahiti, forming the black sand beaches. Once harvested, this sand is dried and then sieved to obtain a perfect grain size for a cosmetic use. A great natural scrub, volcanic sand refines skin texture, removes dead skin cells, and frees the skin from excess sebum. Our skin is soft, cleansed and purified. She then finds her natural glow.

Monoï de Tahiti Denomination of Origin 

Born from the maceration of fresh Tiaré flowers, Gardenia tahitensis, in refined coconut oil, the Monoï de Tahiti A.O. appears as the essential oil of care in beauty rituals. It is useless today to demonstrate the benefits of coconut oil; Rich in vitamin E, K and iron, this antioxidant vegetable oil has an incredible affinity with our skin and our hair. The Tiare flower is rich in sanitizing and soothing active ingredients. Monoï de Tahiti A.O. is not just a moisturizing oil, it firms, purifies and protects your skin against external aggressions. Whether natural or perfumed, the Monoï de Tahiti A.O. gives all the power of the plants of Tahiti and its Islands to the rituals of beauty and well-being.

The Black Mask with Pearl by Spa & Institut is a subtle combination of assets essential to the health and well-being of our skin; a remineralizing, regenerating, sanitizing and revitalizing mask. For a radiant complexion, purified and hydrated skin.

Using advice

1-2 times a week on clean dry skin. Apply with a brush or with fingers in circular motions. Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes then rinse thoroughly with warm, lukewarm water.

For a complete Spa & Institute ritual :

Rub with Coco Vanilla Scrub (for drier skin) or Heitumu Scrub Gel.
The Black Mask is applied to the Pearl; Then it is hydrated with Monoi de Tahiti A.O. (for the driest or dehydrated skin) or Noni Face and Neck Cream.

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