Discovering the symbol of Polynesia !

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Discovering the symbol of Polynesia !

The tiare flower remains the undisputed emblem of our beautiful Polynesia!

On arrival at the airport as a sign of welcome or while strolling around the land you can't miss this emblematic flower because of its smell & beauty.

The benefits of the tiare flower:

This flower is most often used in cosmetics to make the famous Tahitian monoi (thanks to a maceration with coconut).

It has been used for many years to soften the skin on a daily basis but is also used as a tanning oil & hair care.

In addition to leaving a bewitching fragrance!

Tiare flower is also used in other cosmetic products such as perfumed mists or other care products!

Beyond cosmetics, the tiare flower is also used by Polynesians for its healing properties. Indeed, this medicinal plant is transmitted from generation to generation to treat inflammations, insect bites and migraines.

As you can see, the tiare flower is THE Polynesian plant par excellence!

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