Essential oils To fight against the ill health of winter

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Essential oils To fight against the ill health of winter

Essential oils that help fight the evils of winter

To fight against small daily pains, it is rarely thought but essential oils can be an excellent ally !

- Lemon essential oil

purifies the interiors (office, slaon, etc.) and cleans the air.

- The essential oil of ylang-ylang

has stimulating virtues, perfect against blues blues of winter!

- The essential oil of niaouli

helps with breathing.

For a use of essential oils you have the choice between several techniques:

- Easy and paratic, dry inhalation can be done everywhere, at any time. Apply a few drops of essential oil on a cotton handkerchief, a porous stone or other and breathe deeply for several minutes. - To treat more acute problems, opt for wet inhalation. In a bowl of hot water, pour 5-6 drops of essential oil, cover your head with a towel and lean your face over the bowl. Breathe the vapors for about ten minutes. - The electric diffuser remains the most effective method of diffusing essential oils in an interior. But remember that an essential oil should NEVER be heated above 45 ° C. - You can also pour a few drops of essential oil in a saucer of water and put it on a radiator.

Caution, essential oils are not recommended for pregnant women and should not be broadcast directly into the room of the child if it is present in the room.

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