Monoi de Tahiti and uses

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Monoi de Tahiti: A multi-purpose treatment !

Monoï de Tahiti or "Sacred Oil" is a product of a maceration of Tiare Tahiti flowers obtained by enfleurage in coconut oil. This natural beauty oil that turns out to be a traditional cosmetic jewel, but also in the Polynesian Pharmacopoeia ...

Monoï de Tahiti and uses


Apply a pearl of oil on your face thanks to delicate and circular movements to make penetrate the oil smoothly.

Optimized skin hydration !

Apply Monoï de Tahiti at the exit of the bath or the shower on wet skin as Tahitian do. Thus the oil is transformed into an emulsion and penetrates faster and deeper into the epidermis.


Apply a small amount of oil to your wet skin after showering or bathing while gently massaging it to gently penetrate the oil.


Apply some oil drop on your end hair, no rinse needed.


Apply some oil on your hair and massage gently in. You can use Monoi de Tahiti as a mask as well. Take a hot towel, cover your hair and leave it absorbing for at least 15 minutes and then rinse. 


Mix Monoi de Tahiti with sand and apply it in circle movements on your skin. You will find your skin  soft and smooth.


Warm oil in your hands then massage your body from head to toe.


Drop some Monoi de Tahiti into your bath to give your bath and your body a relaxing moment.

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