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Avoid any exposure at the highest sunshine hours or use protection cream adapted to your skin type.

Sun is healthy however you must be careful to prevent sunburn and avoid any exposure at high sunshine hours. 

Avoid any exposure at high sunshine hours or use an adapted sun cream according to your skin type.

Sun is healthy however you must be careful to prevent sunburn and avoid any exposure at high sunshine hours mostly regarding children.

Using Monoi de Tahiti with no protection cream is not recommended during the highest sunshine hours. Actually, Monoi de Tahiti is a care oil or massage dedicated to body and hair. It allows moistening the skin while protecting and nourishing it to have softener skin.

As any other oil or butter with no sunscreen, skin smears with Monoi de Tahiti in contact with sun burn skin.

To prevent any sun damage to skin and keep a long and nice tanning, we present some tips:

- Better use a UVA/ UVB protection lotion with sunscreen in respect with your skin type when you take sun to preserve it. If you got dark skin, just in this case you could use Monoi with sunscreen or not relating to your skin type. However don’t forgot exposure sun  is  not recommended in sunshine time.

- Use Monoi de Tahiti as care oil. After tanning and shower or bath, use Monoi to nourishing, moisture and soften it and mostly to protect it after sun exposure. Like that your skin will be harmoniously tanned and deeply regenerated and restructured.

- The best way to preserve your "health capital" would be using sunscreen protection or a cream sunscreen to tan and use Monoi as after sun moisturizing care what will extend your tanning naturally.

Our Tahitian Secrets Solar Products :

 - For fair skin :

Protective milks: With its innovative combination of sunscreens and natural nacres, this milk will offer you an optimal and lasting protection against sunburn and skin aging, It will nourish and beautify your skin.

- For duller skins :

SPF 6 Protective Care: Rich in Monoï de Tahiti, this low IP protection treatment combines the nourishing, softening and protective properties of Monoi with the protective and antioxidant properties of Roucou. Thanks to its combination of UVA / UVB filters, it will ensure an intense tan, while protecting the tanned skin from the effects of the sun.

- Milk after sun:

Specifically formulated to compensate for skin imbalances resulting from exposure to the sun, its formula contains a refreshing active ingredient that soothes the skin, eliminating the sensation of tingling and tightness. It is enriched with Monoi oil, Tamanu oil and contains a latest-generation tanning enhancer.

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