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Discover the secrets for fortified, shiny, and healthy hair : Monoï de Tahiti


We are all facing hair problems! Dull hair, dry, brittle, with colored hair. Just adopt the right, regular gestures, depending on the quality of our hair ...

A little reminder about the composition and structure of our hair

Like our skin, the hair is rich in keratin, it is even its main component (90%). Keratin is a fibrous protein, rich in sulfur, both rigid and flexible, extremely resistant.
Like our skin, again, the hair consists of pigments called melanins, it is these macromolecules that give it its unique color; it also contains water, fats (ceramides, cholesterol, fatty acids) and trace elements (iron, zinc, iodine, calcium, manganese).

- The structure of the hair is relatively simple. It consists of 2 parts : - The root: deep part made up of living cells. - The hair shaft: free and visible part of the hair, formed of keratinized dead cells.

Good actions

The shampoo :

It allows washing of the scalp and the length of the hair in depth. There are several types of shampoo depending on the nature of the hair.It aims to get rid of dead cells, excess sebum, and residues of styling products. The shampoo can open the scales of the hair. They are thus ready to receive the care ingredients.

Tahitian Secrets advice

With the formula of our "nourishing shampoo" enriched with Monoi and Noni oil, you benefit from all the restorative, protective and revitalizing benefits of these two components.

Care :

After the shampoo, the hair becomes rough, difficult to comb. The scales of the capillary stem must be closed, to avoid sensitizing the hair. It is necessary to gain and nourish the hair fiber to maintain and preserve the hydration rate of the hair. The use of a conditioner before the treatment is strongly recommended for the most difficult hair to discipline, but also to smooth the hair fiber and protect the hair. They will be protected from drying, and will gain in brightness and flexibility.

The mask is the essential care to treat your hair daily. Although the after shampoo protects your hair, its effects are only in the short term. Our hair is subject to daily stress due to external aggressions, so take the time to treat them deeply.

The exposure time of a mask must be at least 15 minutes for effective penetration of the product. To perfect this penetration, wind your hair in a hot towel or even aluminum foil ... The induced heat will dilate the scales of the hair during the application of the product, the hydration will be all the more important. Ideally, let the product sit all night long for optimal cladding of the hair fiber. For drier or damaged hair, when rinsing, leave a little care product (partially rinse).

The vegetable oils are very recognized for their cosmetic properties, since centuries, beneficial for the skin and for the hair. Their content of fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements are major assets of beauty. To consume without moderation ! And do not hesitate to alternate them to enjoy all the benefits that each of them bring.

Tahitian Secrets Tip

The "Sublime Tiare Treatment" with its Monoi concentration of 99% makes it a spectacular care for your skin but also and especially for your hair. It is moisturizing, nourishing, repairing and anti-dandruff. Monoi oil is rich in saturated fatty acid and has a great affinity for skin and hair. Use it as a hair mask, applying it from the scalp to spikes on well wrung hair, and they will find flexibility and shine and elasticity. Unlike aqueous masks, it is necessary to redo a shampoo after laying the oil on your hair. Hot water will not be enough to get rid of this fat. You can also use it in styling, a few drops only on the length and tips of your hair. It will discipline rebellious hair, make hair styling easier, and nourish damaged hair.

Capillary Oil is a very good alternative for the care of your hair. In addition to its Monoi composition, it contains:

- macadamia oil :

- castor oil :

Macadamia oil is rich in vitamin E, Omega 3 fatty acid, Omega 6, It is nourishing, regenerating and penetrates very easily. It has a natural UV filter. A perfect ally for your hair! Castor oil is a very viscous oil (impossible to use alone).
It is known to revitalize the capillary system, it stimulates growth. You will gain in volume and nutrition.
Hair oil is formulated to nourish, repair, regenerate dry and damaged hair, it will restore to your hair all its brilliance and its natural beauty and will protect it from external aggression.

It's up to you to play for hydrated and healthy hair !

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