Tahitian Corned Beef Recipe

Tahitian corn-beef …

In the Tahitian "cuisine", Corned Beef has become a must.

Shortly after his arrival on the Polynesian territory, he quickly integrates the "Mamas" stoves in their kitchen.
Indeed, the more remote islands did not have access to electricity, therefore, did not have a refrigerator;Puno Pua 'Atoro was very simple to preserve. In addition, very profitable, they facilitated the meals of the most numerous families.

Thus the "Mamas" have concocted the best dishes, simple and tasty, to the delight of their family.

Focus, on the beautiful recipes of Polynesian moms

Corned Beef: "Punu Pua 'Atoro"

At first, sauté onions Cook the Corned Beef in the pan, salt and pepper.
In Polynesia, Chinese cuisine is omnipresent.
Small Asian alternative: Cook the "Punu Pua 'Atoro" in a hot pan in two spoons of salted soy sauce. No need to cook the Corned Beef with oil.
It is advisable to put the box of Corned Beef directly in hot water in a bain-marie to melt the oil of the meat, and to empty it.

Corned Beef & Beans

Cook the Punu Pua 'Atoro in a pan, gradually add the small beans for the whole thing to simmer together. The dish is cooked, add the corn.
Serve hot with rice. Possibility of adding tomato sauce.

Corned beef & lentils

Cook the lentils in water, season with salt, pepper and garlic.
Brown the onions, and the Punu Pua 'Atoro ... Salt, pepper.
When the lentils are cooked, mix the Punu Pua 'Atoro with the lentils.
You are free to add herbs of Provence or spices, to perfume your lenses.
Go with rice or banana for a sweet and savory side!

Corned Beef & Pasta

Same principle as the famous Bolognese! Except, it's the Punu Pua 'Atoro! Cook pasta, salt and pepper! Fry the pua'atoro with 4 cloves garlic and 1 onion, then salt, pepper and mix with tomato sauce or Bolognese sauce. (Either mix it up, or leave it alone).

Corned Beef & Cabbage & Rice

Cut the cabbage into small pieces, and blanch in boiling water for 5 minutes.
Drain them back with onion and a little oil.
Wait until the cabbage is cooked before adding the Puno Pua 'Atoro.
Cook 5 minutes. Serve hot with rice.

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