The Tahitian Raw Fish by chef Teheiura

Cooking Recipe

Today we make you discover a brand new recipe, emblematic in Polynesia and much appreciated: Tahitian raw fish by chef Teheiura.

To do this you will need (for 2 people):

- 200g bluefin tuna fillet,

- 1 tomato,

- 1/2 cucumber,

- A bit of grated carrot,

- A little sliced onion,

- The juice of a lemon,

- Coconut milk,

- Chopped chives,

- Salt & Pepper.

Follow the different steps:

Step 1: Dice your bluefin tuna fillet (set aside in a bowl).

Step 2: Then cut the tomato, cucumber, carrots and onion into pieces and mix them in a bowl (salt and pepper). Then add the tuna fillet previously cut into cubes.

Step 3: Squeeze the lemon juice and pour it into the salad bowl containing the vegetables and the bluefin tuna (do not add too much lemon juice so as not to have too much acidity in the mouth).

Step 4: When all this is done, pour the coconut milk into your preparation, then mix well (do not hesitate to add coconut milk).

Step 5: Arrange on the plate and add a few pieces of fresh chives. Book cool.


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