The Frangipani Flower, another Polynesian symbol !

Beauty Tips

A scent of paradise, a sunny color and a recognizable shape, the frangipani flower is found everywhere in Polynesia.

Known for its olfactory qualities, it is often used in perfumes and other cosmetic products (see our frangipani monoï oil).

The flowers, grouped in bunches, appear in summer and give off a scent of sunshine and vacations.

In Polynesia, this flower is not really used for medical purposes, but it is mainly used in cosmetics or for its beauty, it can be used for example to create flower wreaths or necklaces.

This plant is on the other hand the symbol of immortality.

In Asia, one uses its bark as a powerful purgative. In the West Indies, one uses its latex as verrucide.

For those who would like to embellish their home with a frangipani tree here are some tips:

- This plant needs sun and heat to grow properly.

- In summer, you can take it outside.

   - Watering should be spaced but regular.

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