exfoliating scrub

1, 2, 3... SCRUB !

It's Spring ! Whip up your bad habits and choose a Polynesian body scrub with heady flavours. Your skin will be free from all these impurities encountered in a daily life (pollution, dead cells, excessive sebum...). For a refined and smooth skin texture and a glowing complexion ! Sublimate your skin this summer for a lovely tan ! More

Polynesian beauty secret

In Polynesia, Monoi de Tahiti is not only an oil care. It’s a daily beauty ritual. Polynesian women use it to moisturize, silk and nourish her skin or even more to protect her legendary hair from thousand years. More

All Monoi de Tahiti uses

Monoï de Tahiti is a care oil interesting for many uses. We can use it as a body care, hair care or even as massages. More

Penetrate Monoi de Tahiti into your skin efficiently

Monoi de Tahiti is like any other oil, really oily but Polynesian women had secret to penetrate well into their skinMore


Our secret for a perfect tanning

Sun is healthy however you must be careful to prevent sunburn and avoid any exposure at high sunshine hours. More