Bourbon Vanilla Pods from Madagascar
  • Bourbon Vanilla Pods from Madagascar

Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean


Madagascar Vanilla

The Vanilla Planifolia more commonly known as Bourbon Vanilla comes mainly from Madagascar.
It can also be found on lands bordering the Indian Ocean.
It is a dark and very supple black vanilla, that emits a warm delicate and very floral fragrance, with subtle notes of Cocoa.
Bourbon vanilla beans are naturally very oily, although it is customary in some areas to dry them before using them.

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An exceptional aroma to your dishes and desserts

Bourbon Vanilla beans split in their length will give an exceptional aroma to your dishes and desserts. Perfectly complement your salty dishes, fish and seafood, as well as your sweet desserts, jams, biscuits, fruits ...


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2 pods, 5 pods, 10 pods, 500g and 1kg (On request only).
Glass packaging: 2, 5 and 10 pods. Plastic packaging: 500g and 1kg.

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