Active filters

SPF6 Low Protection Care


Rich in Monoï de Tahiti A.O., the Low Protection Care SPF6 at IP Low, combines the moisturizing, softening and restorative virtues of Monoi with Roucou's protective and antioxidant properties.

Indeed, the Roucou native of South America but also cultivated in other tropical regions of the world, regulates vitamins and oligo-elements: provitamin A (beta-carotene), calcium, sulfur, magnesium, Selenium, zinc , Copper, Manganese, Cellulose.
It will be your best friend before, during, and after sun exposure to stimulate tanning and protect and repair your epidermis.

Thanks to a combination of UVA/UVB filters, it ensures an intense tan, while protecting the tanned skin from the effects of the sun.

Protective Solar Water SPF50


Ideally combining UVA/UVB sun filters, Roucou oil, Tiare floral water and Monoï de Tahiti, this High Protection Sun Water will protect you from the harmful rays of the sun.

Rich in active ingredients from the Pacific, its light, fluid and pleasant two-phase texture will form a real invisible veil of protection.

Without sticky or greasy effect, its composition in tanning agents (roucou and vitamin A),

Moisturizers (Monoï) and protective agents (sunscreens) is ideal for an intense and even tan.

Paraben free

Immediate sun protection.

Note: It is recommended to avoid exposure to the sun during the hottest hours, especially for children and pregnant women.

High Protection Milk SPF 30


A perfect Tahitian tanning !

With its innovative combination of sunscreens and natural nacres, this milk offers optimal and long-lasting protection against sunburn and skin aging, while nourishing and beautifying your skin.

With its balanced formula of natural sunscreens and mother-of-pearl High Protection Milk SPF 30 offers optimal moisturizing UV protection while helping to preserve photo-aging.

Inspired by traditional Polynesian healing, its formula is enriched with natural sources of antioxidants.