Alcoholic beverages from Tahiti

Find our must-have alcoholic beverages directly imported from Tahiti.
From mellow pineapple to vanilla rum to fruity cocktails, go for these subtle sun-drenched drinks !

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6 beers from Tahiti (6x33cL)


Discovery pack of six beers from Tahiti,

The beers of French Polynesia!

Discover our selection in a pack of six beers, for a varied and friendly taste experience, including:

-A special Gold Hinano beer on the occasion of the 100th anniversary.

-A Hinano White beer with citrus and coriander notes.

-A Hinano Amber beer with a refined and full-bodied character.

-A Tabu beer flavored with Tequila.

-A Hinano, the original beer of Tahiti.

-And the surprising and fine Manuia Original.

Sample this local selection, ranging from a light lager to a Tequila flavored beer.

Each batch is carefully prepared, fermented and bottled, preserving the authenticity and quality of each beer.

Amber Hinano Beer - 5,5°...


Hinano Amber,

"A beer with character!"

A variation of the Hinano range, Hinano Ambrée is a unique beer combining quality, freshness and innovation.

Thanks to its specific manufacturing process, Hinano Amber with its refined and full-bodied taste also offers a color that consists of a gradient yellow and red ochre.

The aromatic hops used reinforce the complexity of its taste and leave you with a pleasant sensation of freshness in the mouth.

The maturation phase of the beer is longer, hence its finesse and its incomparable aroma.

It is drawn at 5.5% alcohol/volume, distributed in a 33cL bottle.

Manufactured and directly imported from Tahiti.

Manuia Original - 5,5° (33cl)


Manuia Original, finesse and lightness!

Manuia Original is a lager beer made from rice, barley malt and hops, drawn at 5% alcohol/volume.

You will be surprised by its light color, the finesse of its bubbles and the lightness of its foam.

Its low bitterness gives it a silky and balanced taste.

It is distributed in a 33cL bottle.

Manufactured and directly imported from Tahiti.

Tabu Tequila - 5,5° (33cL)


Tahitian beer with Tequila

Tabu Tequila, "The Tiki Tequila Beer"

Tabu Tequila is a local beer flavored with citrus fruits (orange, lemon) and Tequila, drawn at 5.5% ABV.

It is distributed in a 33cL glass bottle.

Manufactured and directly imported from Tahiti.

Orange Liqueur & Rum Tamure...

À partir de €35.00

A subtle marriage of tropical flavors

Discover the delicious combination of traditional Tahitian rum and organic wild orange liqueur with an ounce of cane sugar.
This exotic union gives birth to a sweet nectar.
The Moux distillery, won a silver medal at the International Agricultural Show in 2018.

Pineapple Dry White - 12°...

À partir de €23.33

The fruity and fresh balance of Pineapple Dry White

The color is reminiscent of live pineapple with its green reflections, the nose is marked by the dominance of Queen Tahiti, tinged with woody notes brought by aging in barrels. The attack on the palate is fresh and fruity. A beautiful balance emerges during the tasting to end with a long and generous finish as it recalls the exceptional aromatic quality of the Queen Tahiti pineapple.

Tasting suggestion:

It sublimates raw fish as well as a lemony fish fillet on the grill or a Mahi-Mahi with vanilla sauce. It reveals desserts tangy, fruit tarts and sorbets. He should finally turn the Pavlova pastry into a royal dessert!

White Hinano Beer - 4,5°...


Hinano White, an intensely refreshing beer!

The brand's latest creation, Hinano white is a beer with low bitterness.

This beer is intensely refreshing with a naturally cloudy color (unfiltered), characteristic of this type of beer, and notes of citrus and coriander, topped with a creamy mousse.

It will delight beer lovers and leave a pleasant sensation of freshness.

Hinano white is a beer drawn at 4.5% alcohol/volume, distributed in a 33cL bottle.

Manufactured and directly imported from Tahiti.

Brut Pineapple Wine

À partir de €30.00

Originating from a traditional vinification method, Brut Pineapple Wine has required specific adaptations and adjustments to obtain a finished product that restores all the aromatic richness of the pineapple, sublimated by subtle notes of lemon and vanilla.
Its fresh and delicate nose, its golden dress and the fineness of its bubbles will seduce you before you are transported by its clean and fruity mouth.

Pineapple Liquor


Discover the energizing Manutea Pineapple Liqueur!

The abundance of the Polynesian earth, in your cocktails!

Our Manutea's range of liquor has been secretly developed in the valleys of Moorea, the sister island of Tahiti. Producted from tropical fruits and distilled in the pure approach of quality.
The fame of Manutea is both related to the quality of its products, but also to its place in the agricultural economy of Polynesia.

The Queen Pineapple of Tahiti, meets you to your table for a tasting the greediest and warmest.