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Tanning Monoï Oil - No...


The Tanning Monoï Oil - No Protection combines the qualities of Monoi de Tahiti moisturizing with the tanning virtues of Oceanian saffron, also known as Rea Tahiti.

Without sunscreen, it provides a deep tan, giving to the skin a golden and smooth tan, while moisturizing deeply and lastingly.
It can also be used as daily care to hydrate and to magnify your tan.


Vanilla Monoï Oil


Used in body care, Vanilla Monoï Oil softens and protects all skin types. 
You can also enjoy relaxing as massage oil, bath oil, or all summer as a tanning oil with no protection. 
Used in hair care remedial and protective, she reveals the brilliance and shine of dry, damaged hair.

Monoï Oil from Tahiti -...


Let yourself be carried away by the exoticism of Polynesia!

Between sweetness and freshness!

Used in daily body care, Monoï de Tahiti Frangipani Oil softens and protects your skin.
You will also appreciate it as a relaxing massage oil, bath oil, or all summer long as an unprotected tanning oil.
Used in repairing and nourishing hair care, this oil reveals radiance and shine for dry, damaged or frizzy hair.

Monoï Sublime Tiare 99%, in...


With its 99% concentration of Monoï de Tahiti A.O. and scented with Tiare (concentration 1%). The Monoi Sublime Tiare Spray 99% is moisturizing, nourishing, repairing and protector. Can be used for body and hair

It softens, protects your skin and hydrate your hair every day as well and after sun exposure. You will especially appreciate it for its plastic/spray packaging during the summer! More lighter than the glass version and smarter thanks to its spray cap. For dosed application and wastefulness on the beach.

Coconut Monoï Oil


Used in body care, it softens and protects all skin types.
You also like relaxing massage oil, bath oil, or all summer as tanning oil without protection.
Coconut Monoï Oil is used in hair care, repair and protection, it makes the shine and shine dry and damaged hair.

Pineapple Monoï Oil


From traditions that stretch back thousand of years, Monoï de Tahiti, the sacred oil of the Polynesians, is much more than a natural personal care product Obtained by maceratingof fresh Tiare Tahiti flowers in refined Coconut oil, this regenerating body and soul treatment is a precious concentrate of sensuality, naturality and authenticity.

Fall in love with our range of Tahitian Monoi Oil formulated with 50% Monoi de Tahiti A.O and declined in 6 exotic and intoxicating flavors: Coconut, Vanilla, Frangipani, Lagoon Flower, Ylang Ylang, and Pineapple.

Ylang Ylang Monoï oil


At the beach, in daily cares, after a shower or in a relaxing massage, let yourself be transported by the sensual delicate and flowery scent of Ylang Ylang.
Light and silky, Ylang Ylang Monoï Parfum oil moisturizes and nourishes your skin and hair, silky and deliciously perfumed.

Tiare Sublime Monoi 99%...

From €7.08

With its maximum concentration of Monoï de Tahiti A.O.  moisturizing, nourishing, restorative and protective, the Monoï Sublime Tiare 99% is used in body care, it softens and protects the skin.
You will also appreciate it as a relaxing massage oil and bath oil.
Used in repairing and protective hair care, it reveals the shine and the bright of the hair.

It is the flagship product of the Comptoir des Monoi range.

Monoï Sublime with Organic...


Monoï Sublime with ORGANIC tiare flower: A natural treatment for body and hair

Maximum concentration of Monoi de Tahiti A.O,

Discover Monoï Sublime with organic tiare flower, a natural treasure for your skin. Enriched with Monoï de Tahiti A.O, it offers a maximum concentration of hydrating, nourishing, repairing and strong protectors.

Main ingredients

- Monoï de Tahiti A.O.

- Perfume Tiaré

Try also our flagship product Monoï Sublime 99%