Juices from Tahiti Rotui

Immerse yourself in the heart of Polynesia and discover fruits full of Tahitian sunshine!

Delicious and naturally sweetened juices with exotic flavors directly imported from Tahiti with two gourmet range:
Gamme Excellence and Gamme Plaisir !

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Banana / Vanilla Nectar - BIO


Nectar from Organic Agriculture

A Banana Nectar with the subtle scent of Tahitian Vanilla whose sugars come only from the fruits of which it is composed.

It is a gourmet juice and ideal for a boost during the day!

It provides an important quantity of fiber, vitamins (vitamins B, C, E and provitamin A) and mineral salts (potassium, magnesium, iron).

Mango Nectar - BIO


A strong mango nectar from Organic Farming

Softness and smoothness will enchant your taste buds at any time of the day.
In Polynesia, the generous and juicy mangoes grow naturally and are pressed immediately after picking.
The Mango is a generous fruit, with plump cheeks. Its orange flesh, juicy with a delicious taste, is rich in iron and vitamin C.
Mango Nectar 70 % - BIO Rotui is a 100% natural juice whose sugars come only from the fruits of which it is composed.

Multifruit Noni Juice


A typical Polynesian Multi-fruit !

Rotui's Multifruit, a 100% juice, with no added sugar, including fruits chosen for their tastes and virtues.
The combination of these fruits gives us a character juice.
makes its bromelain, mango, orange and guava their vitamin C.
, thanks to its many virtues, brings that little extra that makes the difference.

Pineapple Juice - Painapo


Painapo is the flagship product of the Rotui's range !

It is 100% pure squeezed juice, with no added sugar, appreciated for its flavor and its unequaled taste thanks to the famous pineapple "Queen Tahiti" and rewarded in 2010 by the silver medal at the general agricultural competition of Paris.
From the generous land of Moorea, the "Queen Tahiti" pineapple is a magnificent fruit with very juicy and vitamin-rich  (A, B, C and bromelain) whose taste qualities are unanimously recognized.

Grapefruit Juice


Enjoy Rotui Pamplemousse !

The " Citrus Grandis Polynesia"  that simply calls Grapefruit is a fruit native to Asia and was introduced for so long in French Polynesia is an integral part of the landscape.
Under his thick skin, he offers a juicy and tasty chair.
It is an antioxidant particularly rich in vitamin C and A.

Noni Juice

From €30.24

Traditional medicine used since ancient times by Polynesians, Noni juice is now known for its natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It is also an excellent liver detoxifier. Athletes make his praise for its invigorating and energizing virtues.

Tamure Vanilla Syrup


Amber and sweet ! Dedicated to lovers of Vanilla Tahiti !

Vanilla Tahitensis and its naturalness

Derived from mother-to-daughter recipe, Tamure Vanilla Syrup was made from Vanilla seeds and extracts.
Find all the flavor and fragrance of this precious spice in this syrup ...