Alcoholic beverages from Tahiti

Find our must-have alcoholic beverages directly imported from Tahiti.
From mellow pineapple to vanilla rum to fruity cocktails, go for these subtle sun-drenched drinks !

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Mellow Pineapple - 11°...

From €25.00

The finesse and delicacy of the Pineapple Cake

Its flattering nose will transport you to exotic horizons, its golden robe will recall the luscious and fragrant flesh of the Pineapple from the island of Moorea and its fruity mouth will seduce for its balance and its roundness.

Developed in the cellar of the Moorea fruit juice factory, this product is the result of the fermentation of a pineapple must of the Queen Tahiti variety, vinified in the purest tradition of French know-how.

Tasting suggestion:

To be enjoyed chilled with foie gras or as a dessert with a chocolate coconut tart or a banana Poe.

Gold Hinano Beer - 6° (33cL)


Hinano Gold, "The pleasure of a rich and subtle taste"

This beer was launched on the occasion of 100 years of Brasserie de Tahiti.

It is brewed with several malts, some of which are roasted and which give it its golden robe, hence its name.

The selection of several hops and the best yeasts give it a light and aromatic bitterness, as well as a fruity bouquet, which is developed thanks to fermentation in vats horizontal.

The maturing period will finish giving it its shine and clarity.

Hinano Gold is a special beer with 6% alcohol/volume, distributed in a 33cL bottle.

Manufactured and directly imported from Tahiti.

Manutea Vanilla Rum - 40°...


Manutea Rum, a "Made in Tahiti" drink

Discover our Vanilla Rum, which comes from molasses fermentation (2nd juice from sugar cane at low temperature), a double distillation and maceration in oak barrels, which gives the rums Manutea all their originalities and their powers.

The Tahitian Vanilla premium quality provides this range with unique and 100% Polynesian flavors.

Whether tasting pure, exotic cocktail or as an accompaniment to a refined dessert, our Manutea Vanilla Rum is the ideal choice for lovers of exquisite flavors. Let yourself be carried away by this unique taste journey and succumb to the bewitching charm of our exceptional rum.

Anacoco Liqueur


The Wealth of the Polynesian lands, in your cocktails !

Our Manutea's Range of liquor has been secretly developed in the valleys of Moorea, the sister island of Tahiti.
Producted from tropical fruits and distilled in the pure approach of quality.

The fame of Manutea
is both related to the quality of its products, but also to its place in the agricultural economy of Polynesia.

Our liquor Anacoco was designed from the beautiful Queen Pineapple and the coconut's fruit of Tahiti;
Meets you to your table for a tasting the greediest and warmest.

Tamure Punch Vanilla Rum


Typical flavors and fragrances of Polynesian paradise

Distilled rum on the Eugenie s'Atimaono domain at Papara by the last descendant sugar cane planter of the first Chinese ariivés 150 years ago.
It is made with Tahitian vanilla extract and cane sugar syrup.
From this union, shows the day flavors and scents typical of Polynesian paradise.

Moorea Coco Liquor


Strength and Purity

Manutea's Moorea Coco liquor combines the strength and purity of this eau-de-vie with the subtle notes of coconut to recreate a festive and tropical drink to consume on many occasions.
Clear and transparent, the dress gives way to a frank and very distinctive coconut nose for a round and fragrant mouth with a long finish that highlights the features of the most iconic fruit of the tropics.

Hinano Beer - 5° (33cL)


Hinano, "Tahitian beer"

Hinano, in the hearts of Polynesians since 1955!

Hinano beer is a (luxury) lager beer, bottom-fermented and golden in color, drawn at 5% alcohol/volume, and bitter pronounced,in 33cL bottle format.

It is made in Tahiti, in the Punaruu Valley on the most modern production site in the South Pacific, which allows it to guarantee quality copy.

It has been rewarded with international awards during the world selection of beer: gold medal in Luxembourg in 1990 and gold medal in Brussels in 1993.

6 beers Hinano (6x33cL)


Pack of Hinano Beers,

"The beer with the flavours of Tahiti"

The most popular beer in French Polynesia!

Our pack includes six beers Hinano luxury, brewed and made in Tahiti. Each bottle contains a natural and pronounced bitterness, blended with ingredients of quality exemplary.

Hinano beer has been made in Tahiti in the Punaruu Valley, at the most modern production site in the South Pacific islands since 1955. This beer holds a special place in the hearts of Polynesians.

This beer has been awarded with international awards (Gold Medal in Luxembourg in 1990 and Gold Medal in Brussels in 1993)

Basic fermentation, 5% alcohol in 33cL bottles.

Pure Rum Cane Juice - 40°


For a Tahitian Summer !

Harvested by hand, canes are grown in the utmost respect for the environment.
After being crushed, the juice obtained delivers all the flavors of our terroir.

Fermented for 36h, the vesou is ready and title 7 °.
Doubly distilled, the juice delivers us its fine aromas of licorice, pear and mint.

White Farm Rum Manutea Tahiti 40 ° will bring a refined and fruity touch to your favorite long cocktail drinks : punch, mojito, cocktails.