Virgin Coconut Milk Oil - Spa & Institut - 250 mL
  • Virgin Coconut Milk Oil - Spa & Institut - 250 mL

Virgin Coconut Milk Oil (250mL)


Magic virgin coconut oil

In Tahiti, the Coconut is an integral part of Polynesian culture.
Traditional healers have always practiced massages with coconut milk oil to hydrate, protect and repair the body.

Virgin Coconut Oil is a vegetable oil obtained by cold pressing and extracted from fresh Coconut milk: The virtues attributed to this oil are numerous... Indeed, it relieves skin prone to skin conditions and protects them from external aggressions: Its incredible hydrating power is the best asset for dry, rough and fragile skin.
In addition, coconut oil is an excellent ally to combat stretch marks in the event of pregnancy and repair the skin after childbirth.

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Coconut Oil, a miracle oil for your skin and hair...

The pressure of the nuts allows a light cream to be extracted from the flesh, which after separation of the aqueous and oily phase, then filtration,
gives Virgin Coconut Milk Oil.
Thanks to its strong antioxidant power, coconut oil proves to be an excellent natural anti-aging treatment;
Rich in Lauric acid, vitamin E, vitamin A and iron, it helps fight against aging and sagging skin and brings radiance to your skin and a pleasant sweet smell.
ideal and practical to use as a makeup remover, for optimal hydration and new, clean skin!

To find out more about the benefits of Coconut Oil, take a quick look at our beauty article :-)

Usage advice

When applied directly to the skin for massages, or for treatments in combination with other products such as powders or sands, this oil leaves a delicate coconut scent which will invite you to travel.

For your hair:
By massaging the scalp, moisturizing the lengths in small touches, or using a longer application (mask) to benefit from all its benefits, Coconut oil will leave your hair scented for a seductive, soft and shiny asset!


- No synthetic fragrance
- 100% natural virgin oil
- Natural vitamin E
- Natural Coconut odor
- Ready to use


Cocos nucifera oil, Tocopherol


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Cocos nucifera oil, Tocopherol
250 ml

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