Frangipani, the sweet-scented tree

Frangipani is certainly the most famous flower in South Pacific, at least the one symbolizing the most the tropical paradise in cold countries.
The name « Frangipani » comes from a legend of the 12th century. It is said that an Italian man called Frangipani made a very appreciated fragrance, and 400 years later, European
travellers in the Caribbean discovered this tree with a similar smell, and called it Frangipani Tree.

It is part of the most beautiful tropical trees. So it is common to find it in gardens, usually decorating and delicately perfuming with its pretty white, yellow or bright pink flowers.

The Frangipani tree, or Tipanie, is originated from South America, and was introduced in Tahiti in 1852.

In Eastern Asia, it has been planted next to temples for thousand years. The Frangipani tree is said to be immortal, because flowers and leaves still grow even after being uprooted.

Way beyond its beauty, the Frangipani tree has an important place in traditional medicine. Used in decoctions, it is rich in essential oils and in substances with high antibiotic properties, giving it excellent antibacterical, antifugal and antiviral properties.

Used in infusions on the body after the bath, it perfumes pleasantly and tones up the skin.



This plant grows slowly but is easy to reproduce: it is just needed to cut the branches when they have no
flowers, let them dry for a few days, then plant and water them.


In French Polynesia, the Frangipani flowers don’t have a lot of medicinal uses. They are used for their perfume and their beauty, as ornament or decoration,
and they are used in the elaboration of wonderful and delightfully perfumed necklaces or crowns.
As the cut branches can be kept for a very long time before being planted again, the Frangipani tree is considered as a symbol of immortality. Therefore, it has a very special place into the cemeteries for its supposed contact with the spirits.

In Asia, its bark is used as a strong purgative. In the West Indies, its latex is used as an anti-wart.


In modern cosmetic, the Frangipani flower is found in multiple cosmetic products with soothing properties, as well as in perfumery for its exhilarating and exotic fragrance.

In Asia, Tipanie flowers infusion can be applied on the body following the bath. This infusion will tone up the skin while perfuming it with subtle and delicate smell.