Coconut an usual fruit

Symbol of heavenly destinations, the Coconut tree (Cocos nucifera) is originally from the Pacific South and Indo-Malaysia islands, but it progressively acclimatized in most tropical countries.

Besides, it is the most widespread tree on Polynesian Islands, and on the volcanic islands beaches. It is an integral part of Tahitian local culture. From birth to death, on the land or on
the sea, it is everywhere.


It is the tree of life that nourishes, shelters and protects: it is used not only in food but also in craft
industry (weaving, basketwork) or as combustible.

Its fruit, the coconut, which is found on our stalls, is a big edible nut, surrounded by a thick and tough skin, itself surrounded by a fibrous layer.

It has a high nutritive value: it contains lightly sweet refreshingwater, and a very nourishing, rich and creamy pulp.



Nowadays, the coconut tree is grown worldwide in all
tropical areas. Its growing is very simple and only requires patience. The germinated coconuts are planted, out of dry season, not too deep in a rich ground added of a good quantity of salted sand.

The coconut tree only needs light and sun.
The coconut tree will bear its first fruits around its sixth year, and will have its optimal yield between 10 and 60 years. It takes around a year to get the coconut completely matured, and for it to fall spontaneously on the ground. Then the coconuts are
harvested, chopped, and exposed to the sun for a few hours to ease the almond extraction. The fragments are separated from the shell and are immediately put out to dry to concentrate their oil content.




The coconut tree is one of the oldest useful plants which offers a wide range of uses.

• COPRA OIL is used in medicine (eczema, psoriasis, purgative action), in cosmetics (Monoï production, hair and body care, shine, anti-dandruff, soaps) and in food as well (margarine production).

• COPRA CAKE, resulting from oil extraction, is recycled in cattle feed.

• COCONUT WATER is used in medicine (diuretic, antidiabetic, eyewash, potions) and in food (refreshing water).

• COCONUT FIBRES are used for craft industry, especially for bags making, carpets, ropes.

• COCONUT PALMS are used for roofing, torches and craft industry (baskets, nets).

• COCONUT ROOTS also have an application in medicine for contusions and sprains care.

• COCONUT TRUNK, generally very straight, is used for the manufacture of pillars, huts’ platforms, and for craft industry (tikis, bowls...)