Monoi de Tahiti is a soaking of Tiare flowers (Gardenia tahitensis), obtained by enfleurage in coconut oil. This refined oil is obtained by hot pressure of the dried kernel extracted from the nuts.
The Tiare Tahiti, French Polynesia symbol, is grown in isolated areas and must be used at the latest the day after its collection. Climatic conditions and soil quality contributes to the exceptional nature of this oily extract.

Monoi de Tahiti, natural beauty product, allows to take advantage of all the virtues of Tiare. Used in traditional cosmetology, but also in Polynesian Pharmacopoeia, it relieves migraines, headaches, styes, mosquito bites... It can be used «raw», to be incorporated in cosmetic formulations, or perfumed with delicate scents of the islands, ready for application. 




The Tiare flower with its sweet fragrance and
beautiful white petals arranged as a star, is the
emblem of Tahiti and its islands. Its jasmine perfume brings exoticism while its softness provides calm and delicacy. It is given many soothing and purifying virtues.


The coconut tree has its origins in the soil of the coral islands of South Pacific. It is an integral part of local culture. It is the tree of life that feeds, protects and shelters. From the kernel of its nuts is extracted a silky and light oil with nourishing and moisturizing


Monoi de Tahiti is a macerate of Tiare flowers (Gardenia tahitensis) into refined coconut oil (coprah). Tiare Tahiti fresh flower buds are put in soaking into coprah oil for 12 days at a minimum concentration of 12 flowers/liter, according to a specific method of enfleurage. After this period, the macerate is settled for 24 hours. It is then filtered, purified and enriched with a natural antioxidant (solution of tocopherols).


In the 80’s, most «Monoi» on the market were fakes coming from Asia or elsewhere... The exceptional properties of Monoi de Tahiti were officially recognized in April 1992 by the Appellation of
Origin becoming a guarantee of authenticity and quality. It is «restricted to products manufactured in French Polynesia in accordance with local, loyal and constant uses by soaking of Gardenia tahitensis flowers from Polynesia, hereinafter called Tiare, in refined coconut oil» (extracted from the JORF of April 1992). Today, the guarantee resulting from this initiative has helped to ensure that 90% of «Monoi» identified comply with the legislation in force.


The use of the term «Monoi de Tahiti» on any container, packaging, commercial documents or
advertising material is strictly regulated by Decree 92-340 published in the JORF of April 2 1992
(pp. 4727-4729).
The regulation applies to both Monoi de Tahiti oil extract and butter, according to the following conditions:

- A product called Monoi de Tahiti must contain more than 90% of Monoi de Tahiti

- Monoi de Tahiti soaps must contain more than 30% of Monoi de Tahiti

- Monoi de Tahiti hygiene products must contain more than 0.3% of Monoi de Tahiti

- Monoi de Tahiti skin cares must contain more than 1% of Monoi de Tahiti

- Monoi de Tahiti makeup must contain more than 2% of Monoi de Tahiti

The label must include the percentage of Monoi de Tahiti in the product and the “Appellation d’Origine” stamp (guaranteed stamp of origin).