The Tamanu is considered as a sacred tree for a long time.

It is planted in the «marae” (sacred sites). It was said that the gods were hiding in trees to watch humans without being seen. Its wood was used exclusively to produce totems, tiki and idols.

Thanks to this protection, the Tamanu tree became widespread in Polynesia, where it makes magnificent forests overlooking the «Motu» (coral reefs). It is appreciated for its sweet-scented
flowers and elegant foliage, planted along the streets.

With the Polynesian’s conversion to Christianity, the exploitation of these trees became intensive for their leaves, oil and fruits used in various fields.

In the 50s, the first scientific studies on the oil extracted from the nuts helped to highlight the exceptional healing properties: regenerative, healing, moisturizing, anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic and a surprising anti-inflammatory activity ... Nowadays, the Tamanu or «ati» with many powers is still important in the local pharmacopoeia. It is known for its exceptional healing properties.



The Tamanu is fairly easy to grow by sowing seeds removed from their shell. Seedlings can be planted in 20 to 24 weeks after germination. The plants can then grow to 1 meter high and 60cm wide per year during the first 5 years. Then it grows much slower. Young Tamanu trees begin to flower, and therefore also the fruit, after 7 or 8 years. The kernel does not contain a lot of fresh oil extract. Mature, the nuts fall from the tree. They are picked by hand, ensuring the renewal of resources. Then, after prolonged drying, an abundant and valuable oil is extracted by cold pressing. Therefore it has a label «Original Tamanu», certified by the Interprofessional Union of Tamanu Oil, in French Polynesia. The culture of Tamanu, mainly for oil production, contributes widely to the local economy, providing a good income for local people.



Tamanu oil has always been used in traditional Polynesian medicine. Babies are still rubbed from head to toes to prevent mosquito bites, buttock redness or simply for massaging. This oil is highly recommended for its analgesic properties especially in the case of sciatica, lumbago and
rheumatism. It also contains amazing healing properties frequently used for skin infections, even the most severe such as ulcers or pressure sores of all kinds and in treating burns, and post-operative wounds, to name a few of them.
Well known for its regenerating properties on the skin and cells, Tamanu oil is used in modern cosmetics where its applications are endless (anti-wrinkle and anti-aging creams, soothing creams, solar formulations, anti-acneic creams, after-shave). In addition, its moisturizing, anti-oxidant and anti-radical properties make of this product a «do everything» product, especially effective and safe.


Against mosquito (burned shells), crafts.


Decoration, perfume.


Crafts, building, boats