Polynesia is full of luxuriant flowers and fruits of all kinds with bright colors and varied flavors.

The Ylang-Ylang and Tiare Tahiti, powerful aromas, blend harmoniously with Frangipani and Jasmine subtle aromas.

In Polynesia, the flower is much more than only a decoration. It’s a real jewel, a beauty ornament that local people wear naturally. Even virile men are adorned with flowers or ferns while practicing their favorite sports. The flowers are a gift in order to welcome visitors. Upon arrival in Papeete, passengers from the Marquesas Islands are immediately immersed in the Umuhei tradition and its characteristic notes that are diffused throughout the airport.

“Umuhei” is a contraction of 2 Polynesian words: «Umu» meaning aphrodisiac and «Hei» meaning wreath. It is actually a mixture of aromatic plants and fruits such as Pineapple, Ylang- Ylang, Blue Ageratum, Miri, Rea Tahiti and Sandalwood.

This aromatic vegetable bouquet is made by the Marquesas women for generations, and is macerated in coconut oil or Monoi to maintain its strong scent with a devastating effect on men. Women use to wear it on hair and skin to develop their sensuality and awaken the male senses.



Traditional uses

The natural Umuhei is a beauty oil coming from the Marquesas tradition. Each morning, women make an aromatic collar with flowers, fruits and spices to wear it all day long. In the evening, they macerate it in the coconut oil to prepare an ointment massage with aphrodisiac virtues.

Cosmetic uses

Umuhei results of the association of 7 Polynesian plants: Tiare flower, Ylang-Ylang, blue Ageratum, Miri, Rea Tahiti, Pineapple and Sandalwood. 100% vegetal cosmetic, it can be used pure or as an active ingredient into varied cosmetic formulations.