Pineapple Liqueur Carafe Soufflée by Manutea - 25° (50cL)
  • Pineapple Liqueur Carafe Soufflée by Manutea - 25° (50cL)

Pineapple Liqueur Carafe Soufflée - 25° (50cL)


A decanter with a refined design to better reflect the subtle flavors of the pineapple liqueur !

From Paradise to our tables, be unable to resist our elegant Pineapple Liquor !

Our range of liquors Manutea was secretly developed in the valleys of Moorea, the island sister of Tahiti.An exceptional retranscription of the tropical flavors for an exotic journey which puts on the alert your 5 senses(directions).

Produced from tropical fruits and distilled in the pure quality approach.Thanks to the quality of its products and its place in the agricultural economics of the Polynesia, the company have a respectable fame.

Cultivated under the sun of Tahiti, the queen pineapple Tahiti, confers on liqueurs Manutea an appreciated originality.

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Surprise your guests by revealing the Polynesian elegance...

It is between two beautiful valleys, where the Manutea company ferments secretly its greediest dishes. For more than 30 years, Manutea knew given life to the agricultural economic of the country, and to assert the freshness and the quality of the local production through its products. Liquors Manutea retranscribes the best of the tropical flavors for an exotic journey which awaken your 5 senses.

Manutea created a bottle in the sophisticated design, been looked after as the company. Ideal for a present, the Polynesian touch invites itself in your table decoration and in your evenings.

Cultivated in the remote valleys, fruity of Sun, The queen pineapple of Tahiti is the symbolic fruit of the brand !

The aromatic power of the Pineapple confers on liquors Manutea, appreciated originality.After a fermentation with checked temperatures, the wine of sugar passes successively twice in the still double-distillation to clear a high-quality clear brandy.


Data sheet

50 cl
Glass bottle
Consume at 10 degrees. The liqueur can be eaten digestive or enter the composition of cocktails.
Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health, it impairs the behavior and prohibits the driving of a vehicle. To consume with moderation.

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