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Thanks to its twenty years of experience in the field of vanilla from Tahiti and the constant search for the best quality among its farmers suppliers, Comptoir Tahitien works today with many international distributors.

Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Pod

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The Vanilla Planifolia more commonly known as Bourbon Vanilla comes mainly from Madagascar.
It can also be found on lands bordering the Indian Ocean.
It is a dark and very supple black vanilla, that emits a warm delicate and very floral fragrance, with subtle notes of Cocoa.
Bourbon vanilla pods are naturally very oily, although it is customary in some areas to dry them before using them.


Tabu Tequila is a local citrus (orange, lemon) and tequila flavored beer, drawn at 5.5% alcohol.

It is distributed in a 33cl glass bottle.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. To consume with moderation.

Tabu Vodka


Taboo Vodka Tabu Vodka, "Tiki Vodka Beer" Tabu Vodka is a local beer flavored with vodka, citrus fruits and red fruits, drawn at 5.5% alcohol/volume.

She is distributed in a 33 cl bottle.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. To consume with moderation.

Tahitian Vanilla Pod

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Tahitian Black Gold at your fingertips !

Discover our selection Grands Crus de Vanilla de Tahiti!

The most coveted variety in the world ..

The Vanilla Tahitensis its scientific name, is a very nice vanilla, and very fleshy.

The pod, of brown color is very thick, very fat, which gives it a much more fruity and perfumed taste than its cousin Bourbon.

Tahitian Vanilla has a very original taste as spicy, sweet with hints of gingerbread and candy.Prepared under the sun of Vanilla Island: TAHA'A.

Its scent perfumes the valleys of the island early in the morning.