Umuhei” is a contraction of 2 Polynesian words: «Umu» meaning aphrodisiac and «Hei» meaning wreath. It is actually a mixture of aromatic plants and fruits such as Pineapple, Ylang- Ylang, Blue Ageratum, Miri, Rea Tahiti and Sandalwood. Read More

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Uraa Sensual Body Oil


In Tahitian, Uraa evoques a delicate touch. This body oil is the expression of an amazing embrace what brings discovering emotions. Its "shimmering pink" veil arouse sensuality and woman gentleness is an authentic guest to sublim skin.

Born of creations of the Cosmétic Academy, 1st challenge of cosmetic creations in France, the Laboratory of the Formulator is the first niche brand whose products are made in Tahiti.