«Tiare» means «flower» in Tahitian and «maohi tiara» means «tiare flower». The Tiare flower with its sweet fragrance and beautiful white star-like petals is the emblem of Tahiti and its islands. Its jasmine perfume brings exoticism, while its sweetness gives relief and delicacy.

Stitched into the hair, behind the ear, worn as necklaces or crowns, these flowers are the daily adornment of the vahines. Tiare necklaces are made to be offered in order to welcome people.

It is worn on the ear following a specific area code: on the right ear, it indicates that the person is single, and on the left ear (heart side), it indicates that the heart of that person is already taken.

More than an ornamental plant, its use for many everyday aches and pains makes it a medicinal plant from generation to generation, which has many curative virtues, treatment of migraines or against inflammation when drunk as herbal tea.

Finally, vahines use it to make the famous Monoï de Tahiti, and the Umuheï, love potion of the Marquesas women.



The Tiare Tahiti is an endemic plant from French Polynesia, which does not produce seeds or very exceptionnally and therefore depends on men to reproduce. Coral lands are its favorite place. It is planted in dark soil, and we add coral fragments to its roots to help growth. The Tiare Tahiti flowers all year long, but mainly from September to April, giving a yield of about 2-10 flowers per
day. Fresh flowers are collected in the morning from 5am at bud stage, ready to blossom. They are then wrapped in leaves carefully to retain its freshness and fragrance for several days.




Tiare flowers are traditionally stitched into the hair, behind the ear or worn as necklaces or crowns.

Traditional uses

Tiare flower treats everyday aches and pains, used in infusions, decoctions, maceration, or to soothe insect bites and headaches. It is a fundamental ingredient of Monoi de Tahiti, known for its moisturizing and softening properties. Tiare flowers are also used in the «Ra’au ira» bath, in which we add

Cosmetic uses

Tiare flowers have antiseptic properties due to the richness of essential oils, as well as calming and purifying properties due to salicylic acid and derivatives salicylates. It is particularly used in sensitive skin care products, and in Monoi de Tahiti, which is suitable for all types of cosmetic formulations. Finally, the Tiare flower exhales a seductive fragrance that is a highly refined source of inspiration for perfumers.