The Rotui brand comes from the fruit juice company Moorea, which produces a wide variety of tropical fruit juices and offers 100% fruit, exotic and fresh fragrances.
It continues to innovate through new and varied formulas thanks to new fragrances.

Organic Rotui, Banana...


Organic Vanilla Banana Nectar from Moorea

An exotic and natural nectar with a subtle fragrance.

A Banana Nectar with the subtle scent of Tahitian Vanilla whose sugars come only from the fruits of which it is composed.

It is a gourmet juice and ideal for a boost during the day!

It provides an important quantity of fiber, vitamins (vitamins B, C, E and provitamin A) and mineral salts (potassium, magnesium, iron).

Rotui Bio, Mango (1L)


Organic mango nectar from Moorea

A tropical and natural sweetness

This mango nectar is a 100% natural juice whose sugars come only from the fruits that compose it (no added sugars)

Softness and creaminess will delight your taste buds at any time of the day.

In Polynesia, generous and juicy mangoes grow naturally, and are pressed immediately after picking.

The Mango is a generous fruit, with rounded cheeks. Its orange flesh, juicy with a delicious taste, is rich in iron and vitamin C.

Best to be consumed fresh.

Rotui Excellence, Painapo (1L)


The Painapo is the flagship of the Rotui range!

It is 100% pure pressed juice, no added sugar, appreciated for its unparalleled flavor and taste thanks to the variety of Polynesian Pineapple “Queen Tahiti”

It was awarded in 2010 with the silver medal at the Concours Général Agricole de Paris.

From the generous land of Moorea,the variety "Queen Tahiti" is a magnificent fruit with a heart of gold very juicy and vitaminized (A, B, C, bromelain)

Rotui Guava Jam


A note of sweetness and gluttony

In a creamy and generous recipe, 100% puree of guava, find all the passion of the know-how of Rotui Tahiti ...

A concentrate of this tropical fruit with musky fragrance and incomparable sweetness. Spread over complete pain, Rotui Guava Jam remind you of Polynesia's captivating and sweet warmth.

Rotui Juice, Green...


Refreshing, invigorating and particularly tasty!

Ideal companion for "snacks" breaks and delicious breakfasts,

It is known to be a fat burner juice, and to detoxify your body because it is particularly rich in fibers, vitamins C, A, and antioxidants.

Rotui Pleasure, Papaya...

€7.39 -40% €4.44

Dare the Papaya Passion Juice,

The papaya,

Low in calories, papaya is rich in fiber and is an excellent source of vitamins C. Its sweet and fragrant flesh goes perfectly with the tangy hint of passion fruit.

Have a drink and rediscover the subtle balance of the Rotui Papaye Passion drink.

Best to be consumed fresh.

Rotui, Multifruit Juice (1L)


A typical Polynesian Multifruits!

The Rotui Multifruits Noni pure juice is made from a selection of delicious tropical fruits added to the Noni , Polynesian fruit, well known for its vitamin intake and its health benefits. Indeed, Polynesians have been using this fruit for its therapeutic benefits for over 2000 years.

Rotui Multifruits, a 100% juice, with no added sugar, made up of fruits chosen for their tastes and virtues.
The combination of these fruits gives us a juice with character.

The 'Pineapple brings its bromelain, the Mango, Orange and Guava their vitamin C.

The Noni, a Polynesian fruit provides medicinal virtues which have been acclaimed by the Polynesian pharmacopoeia.